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Just A Chapter Not The Whole Story

Annual Self Reflection Letter:

Dear Janay,

Reflecting over the past year, I am so proud of you. You’ve had some extreme lows but you did not dwell and allow it to consume you like how we have mistakenly done in the past. You are learning and growing. Even though some things in 2019 were not easy you accomplished most of your goals and that’s what matters! Our obstacles this year showed us that the struggle does not stop but neither does the Lord’s blessings. You are human and you are allowed give yourself time to decompress, time to cry and actually feel your emotion. BOUNDARIES was the biggest lesson of 2019 and we must continue to protect our peace and sanity. Therefore in 2020 you’re allowed to take breaks but after that we keep grinding and elevating. No more silent solo battles. Remind yourself one empty cup cannot pour anything into another empty cup. You are your biggest concern and priority. You have to take care of you first before you can help anyone else. Never allow somebody to take your love and make you feel like you have to help them more than you help yourself! Always remember RECIPROCITY is important in EVERY relationship! Whether family, friends or significant other leave negative energy and unhealthy communication behind. Love yourself a little extra right now. You are learning, growing, healing and evolving all at once and it can be a lot but that’s the magic of you. When you reach the other side of the hill you’ll look back and be so proud of you. You have already made great progress to be proud of; so applaud yourself for small victories because you are doing the best you can. No matter how uncomfortable you feel you are not stuck nor have you reached your limits. Love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand better, and be disciplined enough to strive for greatness. You are in control of your life.


~ Nay

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