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Manifesting Mantras - You Are A Badass {Book Review}

You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life

By Jen Sincero

I found out about the book You Are A Badass by reading blog post "6 Books Every Aspiring Creative Should Be Reading" from The blog promises readers that the suggested books will “challenge you, aid in increased productivity, as well as overall personal development.” So, as a part of me getting myself back to being me in 2019, I have decided to read some of the books listed as an effort to return to the days when I actually enjoyed reading, since college ruined that feeling for me.

Before I even got deep into the book I people were telling me, “that is a great book, you will really enjoy it!” And this happened more than once so my expectations were set high. This is my first time reading a self-help book and admittedly I found it to be extremely beneficial. I used to think self-help books were for like housewives who watch Oprah and feel stuck in life but now I realize self-help is just about introducing new ideas or concepts that motivate and encourage people towards living a better life. It is like purchasing a motivational speaker.

I can honestly say I LOVED reading this book! Jen Sincero does an excellent job of appealing to the audience by creating a friendly, relaxed and welcoming tone. She wittingly uses funny relatable stories, empowering quotes and sage advice to recommend useful exercises that may help a person improve the circumstances of their life. I like how Sincero touches on multiple aspects in life (career, love life, money, etc.) instead of just rambling on about how to be happy. I find Sincero’s advice and explanations to be helpful because she takes the time to pinpoint and explain self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that may handicap a person so that you can understand why you might be feeling or thinking the way you are and then address how to stop it. One specific piece of advice that really resonated with me is when Sincero advises to “manifest electricity into our reality.” To elaborate, Sincero introduces the concept of utilizing mantras to shape our consciousness, which will then subsequently manifest into our reality. For those who do not know, a mantra is an affirmation (it can be a sound, word, phrase, etc.) that is verbally repeated in order to induce and strengthen consciousness. I love the idea of an individual being able to manifest what they want in to their own lives because it is empowering. This is the reason I have a crown tattooed on my foot, manifestation of a Queen. The advice Sincero provides in the book is not rocket science but she does a great job of explaining it in a way that clears up smoky mirrors and provides a pair of refreshed eyes for the reader. Personally, this book is the wake up call I needed, which inspired my moment of reflection and revelation that lead to me writing my blog post "Sis, it is time for you to be happy again." My blog post is an apology letter to myself as a start to my process of forgiving myself, continuing to love and appreciate myself and learning how to progress forward without resentment. Lately, I have been feeling lost in my life and I had no idea how to become unstuck. Reading this book helped me to realize some of my maladaptive behaviors that are enabling my thoughts and feelings of stagnation. I definitely feel inspired to stop wallowing and begin to change my life. I am currently in the process of manifesting what I want to change. Like Sincero advises, instead of saying “I WANT TO DO...” I will now say “I WILL DO...” or “I AM GOING TO…” For myself, using the mantras provides a sense of concreteness. Writing it down and/or repeating it out loud just makes it more realistic. Because of this I have started journaling for the sake of coping with stress, self-expression and to get in the habit of writing material for this blog. I have also started job searching for better employment and I joined a gym that is going to match me with a trainer to help me get back in shape. I am definitely going to keep this book close by and reread it in moments of self-doubt.

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