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ABC's of Janay

I absolutely hate the uncomfortable feeling I get when someone says, “Tell me about yourself” to me. Mostly because I just never know what to say lol I always think to myself, well what do you want to know? So, instead of wrecking my brain trying to decide what important things should be highlighted in the about me section, I recycled the idea of using a survey to help readers get to know some small facts about me. I borrowed the idea from two bloggers that I follow (Mindfully Sarah and Love Thyme Self), however I did change some of the topics just to make it my own. Hopefully, my answers will give you more insight to my personality and interests in the world.

Age: 22


Best desert: Anything flavored red velvet 😍😋😍

Candy you like: sour gummy worms

Drink you had last: Blimey Limey Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie

Easiest person to talk to: My best friend Tavaria

Favorite song: Private Party by India Arie 🎶🎶

Greatest cartoon ever: Proud Family

How many languages do you speak: one

In love with: the color red 🔴

Jealous of: curvy thick women

Kindest person you know: my cousin Donya is the most considerate and generous person I have ever met.

Life isn’t complete without: good music, it’s a mood

Middle name: Helena. I honestly like my middle name more than my first name

Number of siblings: 4, two sisters & two brothers

One superpower you wish you had: telekinesis

Person you last brought a gift for: My niece Airris

Question you’re always being asked: What size do you wear? or How old are you? 😑😕

Rather live in the city or the country: the city 🌇

Song you last listen to: The Kids Are Alright by Chloe x Halle

Tattoos: three

Unknown fact about me: My first name is actually supposed to be spelled with an accent over the first A (Jánay) but I do not use the accent because my parents neglected to teach me that when I was younger lol

Vacation destination on your mind: I literally have a bucket list of places I would like to travel to but my top three destinations would be Paris, Hawaii & Africa

Worst habit: overthinking

Xmas gift you want: Brazil soccer jersey

Your favorite food: I LOVE seafood. So I guess either crabs or shrimp

Zodiac sign: LEO

Leo Bitmoji

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